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Carpet Cleaning in Omaha

Although regular vacuuming can remove dry soil and debris from your carpeting it leaves behind oily soils and particles that are produced from cooking vapors, pets, and dirt tracked in from outside the home.

These oily contaminants that are left behind can cause your carpet to dull and fade. As the contaminants build up they become more difficult to remove. Regular deep cleaning of the carpet can prevent the excessive build up of contaminants and keep your carpets looking fresh and clean.

Regular cleaning of your carpets also helps improve the air quality in your home by removing pet hair, dust mites, and other allergens that thrive deep in the carpet.

What can you do to prepare for your carpet cleaning?

  • Move small items and breakables from the area to be cleaned.

What you can expect your cleaning technician to do?

Pre-inspection: We evaluate your carpet needs, every carpet is treated differently. We decide what will be the best method for cleaning. You will know up front what we can and can’t do so there are no surprises.

Basic Standard Cleaning

The economical choice when all you need is a Refresh!

  • Don’t lift a finger, we vacuum for you.
  • Professional Pre-Spray applied on all areas to remove ground in oily dirt.
  • Truck mounted Hot Water Extraction Cleaning with a Standard Manual Scrub Wand. Standard Manual Scrub Wand method cleans from two directions, back and forth.
  • Professional Residue-Free neutralization to retard resoiling of your carpet.
  • Apply scented deodorizer.
  • Carpet grooming/raking to set pile after cleaning
  • Surgeon’s Booties provided so you can walk on your carpet while it dries completely.

Deluxe Rotary Cleaning
Thoroughly deep cleans and restores carpet piles.

  • Everything that comes with a Basic Standard Cleaning as listed above PLUS
  • Extra Prespotting and special attention for all tough stains.
  • Truck mounted Hot Water Extraction Cleaning with a Rotary-Jet Floor machine. Rotary-Jet Floor machine method cleans from all directions with 1500 mechanical passes per minute.

Soil Blocker Teflon Carpet Protector

Have you heard about renewing your carpet protection by reapplying carpet protector?

When we reapply protector it protects your carpet by surrounding each carpet fiber with an invisible, durable shield. The protector improves the fibers’ resistance to water and oil based stains in addition to everyday use.

Remember that any protective finish will not perform miracles. Your protected carpet should vacuum more easily, resist permanent staining, and stay cleaner longer.

What you should do after the carpet cleaning?

  • To decrease drying time try to keep the room temperature about 72 degrees and use fans to circulate the air around the cleaned carpet.
  • Try to minimize walking on the carpet until dry.
  • CAUTION: Walking from a wet carpet onto hard surfaces can be slippery.

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